VW classic parts

Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer, which today is among the 3 largest in the world. Since VW was founded back in 1936, many different car models have been developed and produced. The many different car models mean that there are many different VW spare parts and also VW classic parts for the older models.

Among some of the most popular models from Volkswagen are Lupoen, Passaten, Poloen and Touaregen. These are four very different cars, each in their car class. For example, where the Lupoen is a microcar, Touaregen is an SUV.

The big difference in car model means that you have to be aware of getting the right vw classic parts. That's why you can of course also get the VW parts, VW Passat spare parts, VW Polo spare parts and VW Touareg spare parts, so you can fix exactly the same car just as the model.

Volkswagen Beetle
The Volkswagen Beetle is probably one of the most iconic cars that Volkswagen has created, and history goes a long way. The first Beetle came back on the market in 1938 and production continued until 2003. After this, production was suspended for a short period, but it was already resumed again in 2011 in a more modern form than before. Common to the various models over the years is that they, among others, are all classified as a small middle class car. However, the VW Beetle is both available as a convertible and a hatchback, and that you can get a lot of different equipment and classic parts for the different models depending on what one is. One can, for example, get several different petrol and diesel engines for the models, and you can always buy some nice accessories in addition to the ordinary accessories.

Volkswagen Golf 1

Volkswagen Golf 1 is the first generation Volkswagen very popular car, the Gulf. It was produced from 1974 to 1983, when Golf 2 took over the market. For the model, a large number of different petrol and diesel engines can be obtained, and this is the same, no matter if you have it as a hatchback or convertible. This one, like before, belongs to the class small middle class car, and of course you can get vw classic parts for these models.


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