Audi classic parts

Audi is a German car brand founded in August 1910 by August Horch. The name comes from Horch translated into Latin. Horch previously meant "listening" and "listening" in Latin is Audi. August Horch had previously had a company in which his last name was the company name, and therefore had to find another name for his new car and motor company. Today, Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, but this does not change on Audi's long history, where many fantastic car models have been produced.

One of Audi's really popular models is the Audi A3, which was first produced back in 1996. The model shares a technical base with VW Golf, Seat León and Skoda Octavia. There are currently three different generations within the Audi A3, and therefore you can of course get a lot of different Audi classic parts, which can fix the least problem if this occurs.

Another very popular model of the Audi 80, which we know today as the Audi A4. It was first produced in 1972 and is still produced today. There are four generations within each model. That is, there are 8 generations in total for this one Audi model. This requires many Audi parts or Audi classic parts if something should happen to just one of the models. Therefore, it is fortunate that you can get the Audi 80 spare parts and the Audi A4 spare parts.

The last model to be mentioned is the Audi A6. It was first produced in 1968, but here it was known under the name Audi 100. Also in this series there are 8 different generations, all of which need different classic parts, if something should break. So here you can of course like all the others also get the Audi A6 classic spare parts, no matter if it is for the engine, wheels or other.


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